Jiffy Seed Starting Pellets 10 per pack

Jiffy Seed Starting Pellets 10 per pack

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Jiffy C Coir Pellets provide superior aeration and water retention.

• These Jiffy Pellets are made from 100% Cocopeat substrate that is purified and stabilized, are peat free and provide a superior, aerated rooting media.
• Wrapped within a biodegradable containment material, it is based on the proven theory of “container and media in one.”
• Stringent quality control guarantees that the physical and chemical properties of the coco substrate provide an optimum rooting environment.

Jiffy C pellets were designed to facilitate the propagation of plants and are the ultimate container and substrate in one. Made from RHP certified cocopeat encapsulated in a biodegradeable netting, Jiffy pellets provide world class substrate that is pre-prepared, easy to handle and has great rooting capability.

Jiffy C pellets are designed to be transplanted directly into the soil, allowing roots to easily grow through the biodegradeable netting wall and into the soil.

Simply soak the pellets, sow the seeds and once they germinate one can transfer the entire pellet.

Compressed Size: 40mm

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