Biodegradable Jiffy Seed Starting Tray
Biodegradable Jiffy Seed Starting Tray

Biodegradable Jiffy Seed Starting Tray

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These 100% biodegradable seedling trays are perfect to start your seeds. 

These trays are sold loose and you can pick as many as you like. You can also divide them into singular pots. 

Each tray has 6 cavities. 

Some seeds should be sown directly into a garden bed where they will mature. Root crops like carrots, beetroot and radish is an example, but most seeds should be started individually in seed trays where they can be looked after and transplanted when they are slightly bigger. 

These trays are ideal for kids growing their own veggies seeing that when they do transplant their seedling into a permanent garden bed/or container they can just put their seedling into the ground without removing the outer layer of the tray. This helps preventing any damage done to roots.


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