What are microgreens?

These small vegetables are young shoots which are harvested typically 5 to 20 days after germination, when they only measure a few centimetres high. Thus the microgreens are harvested at an earlier stage compared to their mature counterparts. Kids love to see how quickly they grow. 

The 3 edible components of a microgreen: the central stem, the cotyledon leaves and the young true leaves.

At this stage, most of the microgreens are formed of a central stem, two developed “cotyledon” leaves (leaves contained in the seed and which, when fully developed, help the young seedling to evolve thanks to photosynthesis) and sometimes a second pair of young “true” leaves. Most of the time the shape between cotyledon and young true leaves is quite different.

For many herbs and vegetables, it’s possible to eat their equivalent as microgreens, like coriander, basil, mustard rocket or radish, just to name a few. With an especially rich flavour, these small vegetables are a delight for our taste buds while bringing loads of nutritive elements along the way!