Our Goals

My Eco Sprout launched in 2018. 

Children of South Africa

We are extremely excited about the products we have developed and hope that each of them will bring loads of joy to children's hearts! Our action plan is to get all the children of South Africa to sow & grow their own plants, focusing on edible plants helping to prevent our food security crisis from escalating. 

Each product has been carefully designed to capture the imagination of children and to educate them about growing their own plants. With push out plant markers, mazes, fridge magnets and mini mist spray bottles to water the seedlings, every child will be interested in 'getting growing'. 

The kits have been developed taking our urban lifestyles of the 21st century into account by choosing plants that do not need hectares of land.

Our Green Footprint

It is our responsibility to educate our children about their environment and the impact we have on it. 

As a result, we have gone to the extreme by selecting some of the contents in our kits to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

  • The Strawberry Popcorn kit includes a 100% Bio-based pot which is 100% Biodegradable
  • All the carton used for our kits are made from 67.3-80% Recovered fiber and meets the FSC Mix Chain-of-Custody certification requirements.
  • In the near future we endeavor to only use PLA (a plant derived material that is 100% Compostable) replacing the current ziplock bags.
  • Only fresh seeds are used, and they are GMO FREE (not genetically modified seeds). 


I am the mother of three and wife to a lovely husband. I had the privilege being raised by parents that taught me the value and importance of growing your own plants. Since I experienced the benefits of doing so, I feel responsible to provide adults and children with information and fun growing kits to create memorable experiences of their own whilst growing.

Let us lead the way to a greener future for our children by setting the example and enabling them to learn and take pride in growing their own plants.

Copeland Koorts

Be part of the growing revolution! 

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