Strawberry Popcorn
Strawberry Popcorn
Strawberry Popcorn
Strawberry Popcorn

Strawberry Popcorn

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Grow your own Strawberry Popcorn

Behold, dear seeker of nature's wonders, a treasure trove of verdant delights. Within this kit lies a magical seed of an ancient corn variety, a rare heritage whose fruit bears the hue of maroon, shaped like luscious strawberries. Imagine the joy that shall bloom in the hearts of young ones as they witness this enchantment take root and flourish.

And lo, the bounty does not end there, for this corn may also grace your movie nights with its mystical essence. Thus, partake in the magic of conjuring your own popcorn, fresh and bewitching. And should you seek to enrapture a fellow lover of nature's wonders, this kit is a gift of growth and enchantment to bestow.

In the box:

  • Biodegradable Bio-based pot
  • Heirloom Seeds
  • Wooden plant marker stick
  • Coco Peat discs
  • Fun maze activity on the box
  • Push out plant marker on box

In the span of approximately 80 days, your corn ears shall be ripe for the harvest. These enchanted seeds, perfect for small gardens or containers, shall flourish under the stars when sown in the months of September to January. Fear not if the winds of fate delay your sowing, for our magical seeds retain their freshness and vitality for 18 months after purchase. 

Our growing instructions accompany each seed packet, outlining the secrets of nurturing these treasures of the earth. For further enchantments, consult our Growing Guides page, teeming with wisdom to beckon forth your garden's full potential.

And when the time of bounty arrives, we invite you to delve into the whimsy of popping these kernels.

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