Yellow Bush Bean Seeds
Yellow Bush Bean Seeds
Yellow Bush Bean Seeds

Yellow Bush Bean Seeds

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Yellow Bush Bean

Yellow beans are a type of beans that have been raised to have less pigment in their skin, giving them their particular colour. They are an excellent choice for your garden, offering many of the same benefits of other bean types. We are easy to grow, harvest and save. 

In your packet

  • You will be getting a carefully curated colorful little A6 card that you can keep for generations to come that will form part of the collectable seed range. Growing instructions are printed on the back insuring a pleasant journey. We've made it simple and clear. 
  • An A6 colouring-in card
  • 6 White Cucumber seeds
  • Our collectable seed chart per order
  • Our support and resources

Don't forget to add your growing discs, pots and accessories. 

The variety included: Roc 'd Or


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