Egyptian Pink Garlic
Egyptian Pink Garlic
Egyptian Pink Garlic

Egyptian Pink Garlic

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Egyptian Pink Garlic

This is a seasonal  variety and only becomes available  when it is time to plant garlic. 

Egyptian Pink is a small cloved garlic and is the most pungent variety. A great small to medium sized garlic that has a wonderful flavour and texture. They store very well if hung in a dark airy place after harvesting.

How can I use it:  We love to clean the husks off this garlic and fry the whole clove in a little oil. The whole clove is eaten as a tasty snack. If you like a stronger flavoured garlic then this is the one for you!! This is a very sought after variety and suppliers are few! As you know we are all about stocking and exploring rare varieties. 

In your packet

  •  18 cloves
  • Planting  Time  February - April (6 weeks before frost date) 
  • Frost hardy! YAY

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