Seed Starting Course

Seed Starting Course

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Experience the excitement and satisfaction of successfully growing your own plants at home with your kids.

Starting seeds is a special part of the gardening experience.

Are you planning to start a garden this year? Congratulations! It’s a big deal! Whether you are a seasoned gardener or a beginner, growing a garden with kids is good for everybody. It feeds the soul and the soil, and can even feed your family. Organic gardens are as good for the earth as they are for its lucky inhabitants. The secret to growing a healthy, lush garden all begins with a single seed.

In this hands on course, you’ll discover how to start seeds  and start your garden early this year. I’ll cover everything from the best seed starting trays to what seed starting mix to get.

Here Are The 3 Benefits of Starting Seeds Indoors?

1.There are several reasons why people like to start seeds indoors. For starters, they cost less. You can use containers that are repurposed or upcycled.

2.Another reason people love starting their own seeds is you can literally start any seed you want indoors, as long as you pay attention to timing. When you are limited to the plants your local greenhouse is selling, you have fewer options.

3. When you start your own seeds, you control the water, the sunlight, and the potting mix. This gives you more control over your plants and could mean you’ll get healthier plants.

A Welcome Kit and Seed Starter Kit will be given to each Child/Parent on arrival and we will discuss the process of seed starting and plant your seeds of choice on the day. 

Here are some more details:

Kids Seed Starting Course

8 October 2022


1 Juliana Street 

Golden Acre 

Somerset West 


Bring your enthusiasm and a sun hat.

Children under the age of 9 should be accompanied by a parent.

We will include the following in your Seed Starter Kit

  1. Your seed of choice can be selected on the day.
  2. A seed starter tray
  3. Pots
  4. Premium seed starting growing medium
  5. 3 Kids activities
  6. Plant markers
  7. Soil Discs

We are also going to discuss the following topics during our activities:

  1. The benefits of gardening with children
  2. Choosing your seeds
  3. When to sow seeds
  4. How to sow seeds
  5. Soil Health
  6. The maintenance plan for your veggie patch

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