Mila's Meals Healthy Lunchbox Ideas - Cool Colourful Carrots

Cool Colourful Carrots! 

It's of great importance to us that every child will be able to successfully grow their own plants.

  • Carrots

       Carrots can be grown all year round. Yay! 

Preparing the soil:
Carrots will thrive in well-drained, free of rocks and deep(20-25cm) loose soil. Compost can be bought at your nearest garden centre or even grocery store. We recommend one that is high in organic matter to improve your current soil if you are in doubt that it is okay.
Make your Plant Marker
Seeds should preferably be planted about 2-5 cm apart from one another about 2cm deep.  These are true Heirloom seeds, making them extra special! Spray them down with water once they have been planted.
Growing something from seed makes the experience so much more exciting and special and helps Children to connect with nature. While they are waiting on these babies to sprout you can enjoy the colour in activity and add these on sticks to your pots or Garden Bed
The seeds will sprout between 7-21 days. Water evenly on a daily basis to keep the soil from drying out. 


You can also harvest them(pull them out) once you see the carrot is about 1cm in diameter. They will then be baby carrots:). If you would like to wait and harvest the bigger ones you will need to wait for about 50-60 days.

They enjoy full sun. Happy Planting

    PS. Remember to have loads of fun and keep in mind that Rome was not built in one day:) Practice makes perfect. 

    We would love to see how you grow!

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