Growing Chickpeas

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  • My Sprout House 

Growing Chickpeas

The Sprout House has been designed to give children a better understanding of the stages a seed goes through before growing into a mature plant.


  • Open the windows of the Eco House.
  • Leave 4 seeds inside the seed packet and add a few drops of water. Leave the packet open for airflow.
  • Remove the double-sided tape at the top of the Eco House and attach it to a window with bright light. The seeds will sprout within 12 hours.  So much fun!!
  • Once the roots and first leaf start to show and mature the plant in the bag will die down due to the lack of nutrients seeing that it is not planted in the ground.
  • Please discard of the Eco House at this stage by keeping to our ethos of responsible recycling.
  • Use the remainder of the seeds and sow these in the spring to grow and harvest your own Chickpeas and make delicious and healthy Hummus.
  • Do not eat the raw seeds of  a chickpea plant. 
  • Health benefits: High in Vitamin A, E and minerals like Calcium, Magnesium and Iron. 

 Important Notes:

  1. Be extra careful not to pull on any roots when transplanting your seedling into a permanent garden bed or a pot.
  2. Compost rich soil is the best to use when transplanting your seedlings into a garden bed. Get yours from your nearest nursery.
  3. Use potting soil when you choose to transplant your seedling into a pot.
  4. Seedlings have immature roots. Keep them moist and prevent them from drying out. 
  5. Mix some bone-meal into the potting soil or compost when you transplant your seedling. This will assist the seedling's roots to develop.
  6. Insure good drainage. 
  7. Use organic fertilizer and pest control.

PS. Remember to have loads of fun and keep in mind that Rome was not built in one day:) Practice makes perfect. 

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